22 Mar 2022 11:08 AM | Kathy Giesen (Administrator)

I hope you’re all doing well! My name is Meagan Lewis, and I’m excited to be serving as your secretary for Whitetails of Oklahoma.  Just a little about me; is that I never dreamed I’d be making a life out of one of my favorite past times.  When my husband (Jeremy) and I first thought about deer farming, we did a lot of research on the different rules of the business. We purchased our first deer farm in the state of Oklahoma, in the year of 2017. (Antlers Trophy Whitetails) I can honestly say that being involved in the deer business has helped us to form solid friendships, and meet some very amazing individuals.  We are truly blessed to have a spot of God’s country here in this great state of Oklahoma, one of the friendliest deer breeder states! 

I am actively seeking articles, hunting, or fishing related for the quarterly newsletters. This can include articles about your personal hunting experiences, grandchildren, and kiddos. Some helpful tips, pointers on animal care, just all-around articles with some knowledge to other fellow deer farmers, or just good old fun deer & fishing stories.  You are all what helps make these newsletters possible, and helps to keep them interesting. I will provide my contact info below, to be able to submit articles, or ask any questions you may have. I would also like to remind everyone we will have a new website launched. You’ll be able to go online and join as a member, or even let a fellow friend who may want newsletters, know they may join as a member with no voting rights, but still receive our quarterly letters. We are actively seeking new members for the growth within our state. I know that with every one of us coming together and collaborating we can make that happen.  

We are super excited to be able to have a Picnic this year!  The last couple of years we were unable to have one, so this is very exciting news. A big special Thank you, goes out to President Chris Ezell, for hosting this year’s picnic. It will be held May 14th, 10AM at Cougar Ridge Whitetails. You and your families come out hungry and ready to have a good time! We hope to see everyone there! Stay safe, God Bless!  

Whitetails of Oklahoma Secretary,  

Meagan Lewis 

Email: mjlewis2020@icloud.com 

C: 979-864-7732

Whitetails of Oklahoma

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